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Valvontakonsultit Astetta Paremmin

Project management

We offer comprehensive consulting of project management whether your project is new build or renovation, architectural or infrastructural project.

Our service contains construction management from the feasibility study all way through to guarantee phase of the project.

Our points of honor are well organized project and construction management, solid contract and sourcing knowledge, management of the commercial and technical documents, safety obligations and leadership of project organizations. All targeting a satisfying end result with high standard of quality, lead-time management and cost.

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Site supervision

We offer all supervision services for the construction branch individually or hand in hand with construction management.

Our organized supervision covers construction work, structures, HPAC & HVAC techniques as well as safety co-ordination. Furthermore we offer an adequate know-how in specific questions at customer´s projects.

We supply technical reports, measurements, analysis and surveys of site supervision. Most specific knowledge and analysis are supported by our long experienced supply chain of professionals.

You will benefit from our high skilled supervisors and their experience. Most of the operations in site are proactively prepared while our people get involved.

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Project services

According to our guidelines we are flexible in our operation and resources. We are improving constantly our performance and offer our best knowledge to customer projects. That´s the way to achieve customers´ and stakeholders´ targets.

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Avoin työpaikka: Projekti-insinööri

Haluaisitko työskennellä rakentamisen näköalapaikalla? Haemme rakennuttamisesta kiinnostunutta  rakennusinsinööriä tai -mestaria tai talotekniikka-alan insinööriä tai -mestaria, joka Projekti-insinöörinä työskentelee rakennushankkeissamme osana hanketiimiä. Projekti-insinöörin tehtäviä …